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An Accolade for the Arts


Welcome to Accolade, AOE Arts Council’s microsite.  Our members are passionate about art. We create to share and engage, we practice art as amateurs and professionals, and we contribute to the quality of life in Ottawa.

Here you will find innovation, imagination and art in all its forms in our dynamic city. You will be able to discover artists, enjoy their work, find arts instruction and support the arts. That’s a lot of art for one site but we’re up for the challenge!

There are lots of other sites and blogs doing a fantastic job of reporting on artistic events and the cultural landscape. Hopefully, ours will be a new place where all levels of artistic expression – recreational, community-based, emerging or professional – will meet.

This is where art, the artist and the audience connect.

Kathy MacLellan
President, AOE Arts Council
Professional Artist, Rag and Bone Puppet Theatre


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