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Diasporic Transmission


Diasporic Transmission of African and Caribbean Art 
Group of 16 Artists Explore Colour, Composition and Landscapes

Exhibit runs until September 30, 2014, Daily from 10:00 a.m.- 9:00p.m.
Farah Art Gallery, 325 Richmond Road, Ottawa

The Farah Art Gallery is pleased to announce a new group art exhibition of works inspired by the African and Caribbean diaspora. The public are invited to see this free exhibit to witness how 16 visual artists have explored the use of colour, composition and landscapes in their paintings.

The artists hail from the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Lucia, and Sudan. The show will feature rarely seen collections by the internationally renowned St. Lucian artist, Luigi St. Omer (Son of the Honourable Sir Dunstan St. Omer).

Artist: Luigi St. Omer

Artist: Luigi St. Omer

“My work is strongly influenced by my father and by impressionist artists like Van Gogh,” says featured artist Luigi St. Omer. “My art students, the purity and creativity of their youth, uninfluenced by any prior formal art training is also another source of inspiration. (My father) is a genius. He does not understand what he is because he is such a simple person. My work is a lot more modern than his. The truth is I went to many schools, but no one could teach me colour like my father.”

The show aims to take the viewer on each artist’s journey through art from their Caribbean and African homelands.

“The collection of works is remarkable for its geographic representation,” says Nicholas Ali exhibit organizer and artist. “This is an opportunity for Ottawa residents to see artistic works far beyond the scope of artisan markets they might have experienced while on vacation.”

Participating in the exhibit ‘Diasporic Transmission: An Exploration in Colour’ are professional artists representing:

Dominican Republic: David Vasquez
Ghana: Armakine Amarteifio, David Anorpansuo
Guyana: Farouk Ali
Haiti: Fredo, Wilder St.Louis
Jamaica: Bill Corrodus, Richard Hall, Howard McDonald, Tamara Natalie Madden, Elpedio Robinson, Kenneth Abendana Spencer, Headley Thompson, Zara Zhu, Rani Carson
St. Lucia: Luigi St. Omer (featured artist)
Sudan: Hamid Ayoub
Trinidad: Shastri Maharaj
Guinea: Hawa Kaba

“My work deals with the social, spiritual and cultural identity of people of African ancestry. Jamaican people and my memories of living there, served as a catalyst for this body of work,” explains artist Tamara Natalie Madden. “The intent of my work is for it to function as a voice for those ‘every day’ folk who are overlooked and shunned because of their station in life. I found that the most powerful images of our time were those that demanded attention and admiration, and I wanted these individuals to have their moment to shine, thus many of my paintings feature singular portraits.”

Donations are gladly accepted and part of the proceeds from the sale of works will go towards supporting five organizations that collectively reflect the values of the exhibiting artists to include:

InScape Foundation/Studio 174, Jamaica www.inscapefoundation.com

The Step Centre, Jamaica www.thestepcentre.com
Youlou Arts Foundation, St –Vincent and the Grenadines http://youlouarts.wordpress.com/

AOE Arts Council in Ottawa, www.artsoe.ca

The Development Institute, Ghana www.thedevin.org

“We want to share the depth of Caribbean and African art to inspire and enrich our community,” adds Ali. The Diasporic Transmission: An Exploration in Colour group exhibition continues until September 30, open daily from 10 a.m. to 9p.m. See the Facebook site (DiasporicArt) for artist led tours and talks.

Contact Information
For media interviews and information about the artists:

Contact: Nicholas Ali
Email: Diaspororic.art@gmail.com
Phone Number: 613-884-7559
Facebook: DiasporicArt


AOE Arts Council wishes to thank this Group Art Exhibition for donating a part of their proceeds in support of our vision and mission to benefit Ottawa artists.

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