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Blog Post 1 – November 2, 2015 by Maria Gomez Umana & Alicia Borisonik

Alexander Community Centre

The project Song Mural was conceived for youth from 13 to 17 years old, as a space for sharing, creating, and building together. The residency’s goal is to create stories that will become a musical composition. In the end, the musical composition will become a mural that will remain at the Alexander Community Centre. The participants will be guided through the elements of story making, as well as the main aspects of musical compositions, and the basic elements of visual arts. This is a very ambitious program to be achieved in ten sessions of two hours each, but with passion and discipline we are convinced we will achieve our goal.

The group varies from session to session, from 10 to 13 participants. Most of them came to Canada in the last four years from Burundi, Congo, China, Iran and Guatemala.  Only one participant was born in Canada.

Today the parents were invited to attend but were unable to. As a result, Alicia and Maria did a short performance. Alicia improvised on the accordion while Maria painted in free form with China ink on paper. Afterwards, the participants were invited to imitate the exercise, and to experiment with China inks while listening to Alicia’s music.


Alicia performed while Maria guided the group with China inks.

Alicia performed while Maria guided the group with China inks.

Thanks for sharing / Merci d’avoir partagé!

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Maria Gomez Umana

Maria Gomez Umana

Maria Gomez Umana: I have nourished my passion for arts and culture wherever I live while juggling jobs, family life and artwork. Paths have taken me to live in Colombia, England, Switzerland and now Canada. I have explored different techniques in visual arts and at this stage I am looking for ways to combine them, in search of a unique artistic language. Alicia Borisonik: Alicia Borisonik is from the Argentinean province Buenos Aires and is a teacher, singer, vocalist, arranger, composer and performer. She has performed extensively across Canada and in Argentina.

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