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Imaginary story based on the works of Masters

Blog Post 5 – December 14, 2015 by Maria Gomez Umana & Alicia Borisonik

Alexander Community Centre

Today a sequence of exercises was designed based on well known masters. Using postcards of famous painters the group discussed stories told through the artwork. Each participant chose a postcard and studied it. Then each of them created an imaginary story. The stories were later shared with the group. Later on, and with out looking at the postcards, each participant used their written stories to create a new painting using oil pastels on paper. Maria gave a short demo of how to use the art supplies. The result of this exercise became a connection between story telling and image making that was fascinating.

Maria-Alicia blog post 5

Connecting images with story telling

For every session Alicia brings cookies for the break. This is a very important part of the session, and it is becoming a ritual and an important social aspect of our creative gatherings.

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Maria Gomez Umana

Maria Gomez Umana

Maria Gomez Umana: I have nourished my passion for arts and culture wherever I live while juggling jobs, family life and artwork. Paths have taken me to live in Colombia, England, Switzerland and now Canada. I have explored different techniques in visual arts and at this stage I am looking for ways to combine them, in search of a unique artistic language. Alicia Borisonik: Alicia Borisonik is from the Argentinean province Buenos Aires and is a teacher, singer, vocalist, arranger, composer and performer. She has performed extensively across Canada and in Argentina.

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