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Jasmine Crescent Project – Blog Post #2

Category: Art Place 2016 Marc Walter Written by Marc Walter / February 10, 2017
Marc Walter shows a community member what a land art sculpture could grow into

Second week on Jasmine Crescent, this week and next week are planned to happen around the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard. We picked a nice little area right by the side of the entrance where people line up to get their supplies.

Day 4 – Monday 21 November

I had help from a girl (12?) at the beginning, a very nice Syrian visitor and two more children towards the end. But the best part was to have all the comments and stories from many people going in and coming back out while waiting, smoking and warming up.

My fingers were frozen after 2 and a half hours – I stayed three hours.

One piece almost done. I’ll go back on Wednesday  🙂

Marc Walter works on a land art sculpture at the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard at dusk

Day 5 – Wednesday 23 November

Decided to build a human bust over several days, which would allow regular users of the food bank and its staff to see it evolve and grow.

I worked 3 hours on the chest part, getting help from Nina Jane Drystek, Art Place Coordinator, and comments from the food bank visitors.

Beginning of a base of a land art sculpture at the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard

Day 6 – Friday 25 November

Today went well, with limited help. Josée, a colleague of Michelle Lemieux from the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre, came and stood by. Several people stopped, commented and approached the piece, but they didn’t participate, except for three children at the end who stayed 20 minutes. Their parents didn’t want any photographs taken. Raphaël from Peru also came out of his car, intrigued by the process and the intention; we chatted for a while and he will try to come back and participate. But once again, it is the warm looks and it is the smiles from the people walking by the work that comfort me the most in the good of the project. The sculpture’s arms went up onto the chest. Next a better definition and the head, which will allow the visitors to recognize the overall shape in a much clearer way.

Second phase of the land art sculpture, the base of a body with two arms at the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard

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