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Jasmine Crescent Project – Blog Post #3

Category: Art Place 2016 Marc Walter Written by Marc Walter / December 7, 2016

Day 7 – Monday 28 November

The second week working by the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard (Food Cupboard) started today. Josée, from the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre, came again and our duo attracted many visitors to the structure. Immigrants from Iraq, Chile, Egypt and Colombia in particular were present, adding the sound of their languages to the site as well as many exchanges in broken English, with gestures and smiles. Other Food Cupboard visitors witnessed the process as they were getting their numbers and lining up. The bonhomme got its head and better arms.


Day 8 – Wednesday November 30

Today went very well. Two children (grade 2 and 8) helped create an archway to link the house and the bonhomme, keeping in mind that it might be possible to stretch Christmas lights from the nearby plug.


Many more smiles and positive comments. Some returning Food Cupboard clients came and chatted. With the Food Cupboard staff, we tried to find outdoor Christmas lights without success, but one person hopes to bring a few on Friday. We strung red beads onto the installation. Like Erin O’Manique (Executive Director of the Food Cupboard) would say: Marc is taking over the area.  🙂


It looks warmer and inhabited. More colors to come. Almost no snow left on the ground and a comfortable temperature!

Day 9  – December 2

This morning was so much fun, with helpers right away, including Jamie and Dalton, in the photograph below. They helped create wings for the bonhomme.


Many immigrants stopped by and talked. It was warmer but windy.  🙂    Dalton is going to GHS (Gloucester High School) and might come back, with or without buddies.  A Food Cupboard volunteer brought Christmas lights but the nearest outdoor plug didn’t work; Erin will try to find a solution.



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