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Jasmine Crescent Land Art Project – Blog Post #5

Category: Art Place 2016 Marc Walter Marc Walter Written by Marc Walter / February 10, 2017

Day 10 – Monday  Dec. 5 – At the Jasmine food cupboard

Spent the session mostly installing an extension and the Christmas lights onto the installation under the “supervision” of today’s numbers distributor, Marie-Josée from the Congo. The snow is back and the air is very humid making the atmosphere colder than it actually is, especially once it gets darker, around 4:00 pm. Visitors start to gather around 4:30 pm because the food cupboard opens at 6:00 pm. As soon as the lights are on, the visitors take pictures and celebrate the lights on the sculptures. One woman said “I used to live here, moved away, but it is so nice to have something like that after what happened on the Crescent.” The family that came the first week at the Jasmine Park came back tonight to mingle around. Brian, a regular visitor, was so positive and wanted the local politician to get pictures, he said he would send some.

Day 11 – Wednesday, Dec. 7 – In Jasmine Park

Today felt weird on Jasmine Crescent: there were many cops by one building. Nobody helped or stayed except for a woman from Ethiopia who chatted a lot and told me about her feelings since the events, and how much she enjoyed the sculptures. More than five other people commented positively on all sculptures while passing by. The same mom with her two children came as well hoping I would still be there when she comes back at 6:00 pm!  🙂
My new piece is so so, reflecting the mood of the day. I trust it will improve next week 🙂

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