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Category: Art Place 2016 Bozica Radjenovic Written by Bozica Radjenovic / December 20, 2016
Five pairs of hands, facedown on a pink tablecloth

A long time ago I met an Indian lady and she told me: “There are two types of people; givers and takers.” She described them with hand gestures: a giver was a hand turned towards the earth with the fingers together like they are holding a coin, and a taker was a hand with the open palm turned towards the sky. This expression is an example of simple hand gestures that can describe a person without using any words.

At Club Casa des los Abuelos I am working with a group of wonderful women. Most of their lives they take care of their family, children and grandchildren. They are givers and this poem is about their hands.



To clean, to love, to mend

To touch, to wash, to change

To wipe, to sew, to sweep

To cut, to knit, to dress

To tap, to draw, to write

To fold, to hold, to screw

To sand, to saw, to glue

To raise, to cuddle, to grow

To cook, to stir, to peel

Givers, takers or fortune makers

The hands describe you

Five pairs of hands, palms facing upwards

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Bozica Radjenovic

Bozica Radjenovic

Bozica Radjenovic was born and educated in Belgrade, Serbia. She received her BFA (1989) and MFA (1991) from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. In 1993 she moved to Canada during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. Bozica has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions, most recently at Gallery 101 in Ottawa, the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte, Ontario, Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives in The Hague, The Netherlands, and the Cultural Centre of Belgrade in Serbia. Her work is included in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, the Zepter Museum in Belgrade, and the City of Ottawa, as well as in various private collections in Canada and Europe. Bozica gratefully acknowledges the support of the City of Ottawa, the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.

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