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Jasmine Crescent Land Art Project – Blog Post #7 (and last one!)


Day 15 (Last Day) – Wednesday Dec 21

We had one of the busiest day of the project, not by the number of people, but in terms of how long they stayed around and participated.


A team member from the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre, Allison Everett, visited today. I so enjoyed her company and energy around people. She will be a great asset for the next Jasmine Crescent development as she is supposed to focus on that area.

The weather played certainly a big role in the day’s energy as we were above zero and the sky was blue. Allison and I were able to “grab” a whole bunch of teens (about 12 or so) that were returning home to help us decorate one of the sculpture. When we moved to the other sculpture, “my regular family of three” came over and was joined by another family of four who came specifically from another neighboring street to participate. A few other people stopped by including Tessa, the blind young person from the previous week, this time with her boyfriend.   🙂


The journalist Michelle Nash from Ottawa East News showed up just in time for photo opportunity and interview. [Read the article here.]

I attached new signs at both locations, the park and the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard.

I feel that I leave nice lively pieces on Jasmine Crescent and that several people will be able to take them over, if not physically at least in spirit and mind.

To find out more about Marc Walter’s land art project with the community on Jasmine Crescent visit his artist page. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and keep your eye on ArtPlace blog for updates as all the 2016-2017 projects progress!

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