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Jasmine Crescent Land Art Project – Blog Post #6


Day 12 – Monday Dec 12
Today was full of chatty Food Cupboard clients sharing their stories and thoughts but not willing to take their fingers out of their pockets. Fair enough, it was minus 14. I did three sculptures mixing snow and branches, given the beautiful white material at hand after this week’s fall.

Day 13 – Wednesday Dec 14
I came early and worked on the latest piece in the park. A blind young woman (Tessa) in a wheel chair came with her seeing-eye dog; she couldn’t see the sculpture but had heard about it because her friend had taken a picture and told her about it. I helped her into the park so her dog was safe to run around and we talked quite a bit. She was sooo thankful to learn about our project. She plans to come back next Wednesday.

I was then alone for 1 hour and a half until a mom with two kids came by for the 4th time during the project to play around and chat. Playing in the snow and running within the structures were the focus of the children. We drew giant animals and beings in the snow.


It was very windy, so nobody else slowed down, especially not the youth and children, tucked into their winter coats as they walked by.

The latest piece pleases me more now 🙂 It looks a bit crazy and wild, with “ears” pointing in all directions…


Day 14 – Monday Dec 19
This week is the last of the project and today was crazy cold for the fingers: -18. A last day beside the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard!

Today I focused on adding easy to bind decorations such as coloured feathers and wool string. I forgot my box of stuff at home (!) and got limited by what I could buy last minute; a food bank volunteer provided me with extra wool strings. Nina braved the cold to help and she held the fort for 20 minutes when I helped a Congolese woman to get her spare car keys from home after she locked the original ones in her running car! Two other returning people helped and we shared Afghani, Kurdish and Arabic words. The result today was busier sculptures with lots of hanging coloured items – difficult to photograph! By the time the food cupboard visitors were in line, they were focused on fighting the cold more than on talking, understandably!


This Wednesday will be the last day of the project, the last one in Jasmine Park, focused on adding last touches and decorations to the existing structures. It is supposed to be much warmer. I look forward to it as several previous visitors are supposed to come.

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