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Category: Young Arts Leaders Collective Written by Young Arts Leaders Collective / February 27, 2017

Written by Lenore Gale, Member of Young Arts Leaders Collective

Often during panel events, one of the questions that often comes up is: “What are some great free tools and resources for artists online?”. Many resources that people had to pay for in the past are now available free either through open source software, or as browser-based tools. For an artist trying to keep their costs down, these resources are essential, for both the creation of art and for self-promotion. Check out these tools and see if they could help you as an artist.

Canva is a simple to use, browser-based, free graphic design software. With tons of free templates and images to choose from, it is essential for creating business cards, posters, invitations, and much more!

Use WordPress for free to build your website! You still need to purchase your domain and host, but WordPress is easy to use to design your website, with many templates to choose from and endless plugins to allow customization of your site.

Prezi is a browser-based tool for creating presentations. It is free to use and has more capabilities than PowerPoint! If you need to create a presentation and you want to do something creative and unconventional, or you don’t have Microsoft Suite, Prezi is the perfect tool for you.

Gimp is an open source free software used for image manipulation. Gimp provides high quality photo manipulation, original artwork creation, and graphic design elements for no cost, so if you have to do some image manipulation, Gimp is your program!

Audacity is another free, open source software. However, this one is for multi-track audio recording and manipulation. If you are working on a project that includes audio, Audacity is a great free online option for doing your editing.

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The Young Arts Leaders Collective (YALC) is an initiative of the AOE Arts Council. YALC's mission is to support the professional development of young emerging artists and arts administrators in Ottawa. In the initial stages this will include a mentorship program, networking opportunities, the dissemination of information, and communication to connect young, emerging artists and arts administrators in Ottawa with each other and with other artists, to help contribute to building a thriving Ottawa arts community.

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