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Springtime in the Jardin d’hiver – Blog Post #6

Category: Art Place 2016 Bozica Radjenovic Written by Bozica Radjenovic / February 27, 2017

I am looking at a box filled with colorful artworks by the Club Casa de los Abuelos group. I remember Cynthia, Isabel, Felisa, Grabriela, Bertha, Chela, Elsa and Ana Maria. I miss my group! I don’t like to say goodbye and I don’t think I have to. Each person made a mark on my life and I am grateful for their acquaintance. They are part of my memories now.

Since 1991 I have taught visual art to children and adults. I know that each age group has something special to offer. Since I hadn’t worked with seniors before I was quite nervous in October before I started my classes at Casa de los Abuelos. I didn’t know what to expect.

A collection quilled pictures and collages in frames laid out on a table

I knew that children create art without fear, for them art is play and the results are almost always great. For adults, art is not play anymore. Art has to look alike. With that heavy burden art doesn’t come easily. I learned that children and seniors do not use internet as a source of inspiration, their inspiration comes from within, and therefore their artworks are both personal and universal.

Seniors approach art making as a reservoir of memories. From their life long experience they can take any event and employ it in their art. Without the fear of failure, because success is not what they are searching for, they are creating without pressure. Using the themes, maybe from their previous home-country like exotic birds, flowers, volcanoes and wild green landscapes, they made collages, quilling pieces, cutouts and pop-ups. Their small size artworks uncover generous, strong, clever, sensitive, simple and hardworking personalities.

A close up of tiny rolled and folded pieces of coloured paper in a quilling project

When I think about old age my first thought is about loss and how old age is so often a synonym for loneliness. But if you are involved with art you are never lonely. Art is lifelong companion, a best friend in good times and bad times. If you have art it is always springtime even in your ”Jardin d’hiver”.

A series of collages and cards laid out a white table

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Bozica Radjenovic

Bozica Radjenovic

Bozica Radjenovic was born and educated in Belgrade, Serbia. She received her BFA (1989) and MFA (1991) from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. In 1993 she moved to Canada during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. Bozica has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions, most recently at Gallery 101 in Ottawa, the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte, Ontario, Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives in The Hague, The Netherlands, and the Cultural Centre of Belgrade in Serbia. Her work is included in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, the Zepter Museum in Belgrade, and the City of Ottawa, as well as in various private collections in Canada and Europe. Bozica gratefully acknowledges the support of the City of Ottawa, the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.

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