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Category: Art Place 2016 Naomi Tessler Written by Naomi Tessler / May 5, 2017

The Art Place Showcase was a fantastic opportunity for the actors in the From the Roots Theatre Project ensemble to build their courage, confidence and work together to share the beginnings of our play: Newcomer Roller Coaster, with our first audience. Our workshops leading up to the showcase were full of excitement and, personal and critical reflection as we crafted our play to truly mirror the myriad of experiences of the members of our group and those in the newcomer community of Ottawa.  After the Art Place Showcase performance, our group was filled with audience encouragement and felt a stronger connection to each other and the goals of our play: to raise awareness about the challenges newcomer women and girls face in Canada.

Our play creation workshops this past month have unearthed the full spectrum of issues our play will explore: getting lost, discrimination, bullying at school, language barriers, homesickness, disconnection between family back home, and barriers in securing work in one’s field.   As our play is a forum theatre play, we look forward to seeing the interventions played out by our newcomer audience members to collectively harvest new resources and strategies for tackling these ongoing community and systemic issues.

We are thrilled to be hosted in the auditorium at the Main Library on Metcalfe on May 17th for our first two performances of our full play: Newcomer Roller Coaster. Our shows will be at 3:30pm & 5:30pm, and we welcome newcomers and immigrants of all ages, and those who wish to learn about these issues to support newcomers on their journeys here in Ottawa. See our flyer below for all the details!

From the Roots Theatre Project Performance Flyer 2

It has been a great journey co-creating our play and we look so forward to sharing it soon!

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