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Category: Art Place 2016 Naomi Tessler Written by Naomi Tessler / May 12, 2017

Our rehearsal this week was such a fulfilling session!  All the actors arrived with excitement, child-like joy, and enthusiasm, sharing with each other all the places they brought flyers to and all the people in their circles who will be coming to support them and witness the show they’ve all worked so hard on.

With May 17th just around the corner– the day we’ll perform our first two full shows of Newcomer Roller Coaster at the Ottawa Public Library on Metcalfe  at 3:30pm & 5:30pm– the From the Roots Theatre Project ensemble is making sure they take all the time they can to get their lines memorized and to get prepared for anything a spect-actor might bring when they take the stage to transform the conflicts in the play.

This week we had the chance to run the show a few times and even at this late hour, we made a few changes. One of our actors discovered that in the version we shared at the Art Place Showcase we added something in to make the show feel complete even though we had just shared a few scenes.  That addition revealed something important in our play and our actor inspired the whole ensemble to collectively decide to remove that addition to create more suspense and enable the audience to make a discovery along with the actor later in the show.  Community arts in action; everyone is a co-creator and plays a crucial role in shaping the play we have created.

A big part of our rehearsal this week was working on preparing for the forum. The actors need to practice how to respond to potential interventions that an audience member may experiment with.  We went through the three form theatre scenes we’ll be working with ourselves this week and each actor took a chance to intervene and explore how they would try and resolve the conflicts.  It was wonderful to see what everyone came up with and I was deeply impressed with each actor’s improvisation skills!  I have full confidence that the whole ensemble will do an incredible job in working with the audience and will have the creativity and courage to role with whatever audience members bring to the stage.

We all look so forward to seeing how our play resonates with our audiences and the transformation that will be inspired within the forum!

We hope you can join us for one of our FREE shows on May 17th in the lower level auditorium of the Main Library at 3:30pm or 5:30pm. See flyer for all the details!

If we ride this roller coaster together, we’ll be able to hold hands through all the twists and turns, making it just a little more possible for hope to emerge! See you at the show!

From the Roots Theatre Project Performance Flyer 2

Learn more about the From the Roots project and Naomi’s Art Place workshops with Immigrant Women’s Services Ottawa.

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