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Hub 1: An Afternoon Tea

Dancing barefoot in the sand

Hub 1 has been busy! So busy that Cullen and Eleanor exchanged happy hellos for the first time at the Bollywood community dance event at The Spider ( Maman at the National Gallery). Cullen saw the opening of Romeo & Juliet ( which Zoe is starring in) #bearandcompany.ca. We’ll wait to talk to him about his working life until he has finished working at the Canada Dance Festival.

Thus, Zoe and Eleanor met for a happy 90 minutes where the topic became elemental performance. Eleanor is planning a performance in the Bonnechere Caves ( a passage through ordovician era rock). Zoe is working for two dates, a Canada Day show and an August 6 show at Remic Rapids.

Zoe Georgaras


Eleanor and I met for tea early one evening just after a long day of rehearsing for Romeo & Juliet; a performance Eleanor is directing, and I am playing in. Our conversation began fluidly without need of schedule or bullet points as to what we would discuss. It was our first meeting as Mentor and Mentee after all. I started talking about my work as a performance artist, and my struggle to keep motivated to discover new creations in my art. I am a hands on thinker and therefore quickly brought our discussion to my two solo shows; one for Canada Day, and one in August for Ignite 150 at the Remic Rapids.


Well wasn’t that helpful! Life can get so subjective you forget to step out of the comfort of your own mind and smell the roses in front of you. Eleanor reminded me of the pure beauty of the fire, and the joy in watching simplicity through movement. I had gotten lost in the obsession for new technique and convinced myself that if I was bored of the fire, the audience must be as well. This is a poisonous way of thinking, and I am happy to say that I have been reminded of the way I felt when I first started fire dancing many years ago, and how the simplest lift of my arm with the fire hoop made my spirit shine.

Dancing barefoot in the sand

Dancing barefoot in the sand

I am excited for our next meet up and I’m looking forward to meeting Cullen in July.


Eleanor Crowder

We talked about difficulties of voice-over work with fire noise. Does Zoe move to a standing mike between pieces? A body mike cannot be used with flames. I saw last year’s piece in this site. I was very struck by the beauty, and also understand Zoe’s sense of disconnect in the voice and movement work at that show.

I talked about the sound of the water dripping in the cave and how in our work, we had decided to integrate our vocal sounds to that constant flow. The piece I am working on works with 3 voices and the cave acoustic. Also drums and rainstick and singing bowls. So it is a sound experiment. We discussed the power of water and fire and the sheer beauty of the Remic Rapids site. Zoe started to identify particular elemental through lines she might follow in structuring her show.


AOE Arts Council–This program is made possible by support from the Ontario 150 Partnership Program and is in partnership with the Cultural Human Resources Council. To find out more about the program, click here!


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This group is composed of mentee Zoe Georgaras, who will be guided by writer, director and actor Eleanor Crowder, one of the collective members of Bear & Co. theatre company. Ce groupe est composé de notre mentorée Zoe Georgaras, une des membres collectifs de la compagnie de théâtre Bear & Co.

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