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Fire & Water, by Zoe


Eleanor and I met up by the river for our first rehearsal at the Remic Rapids. Although it is my fourth summer performing at this site, every year the Winter and Spring have cleansed it’s pallet from what it was the previous year, and the one before that. The rocky surface show’s natural platforms, some of which are buried in the water, and some rise out into the air.

Every year artist John Felice Ceprano (CEO of Ottawa Rock Art) returns to reassemble the native rocks into beautiful pieces of balancing rock art. When Eleanor and I arrived last Wednesday we were astounded by the beauty. Little rocks holding up bigger rocks and medium ones on top. I saw a little bird fly from one statue to another, pecking at the bottoms of each. I wondered why the bird was doing that. Sure enough the rocks did not fall regardless of bird peckings and high winds.

We took off our shoes and walked in the water, getting acquainted with the natural stage we were going to be working with. We listened quietly to the sounds of the water, and noticed the depth of the sound. We could hear the loud rapids in the distance, the delicate pebbles at our feet, and the confident waters passing through the middle channel.

It seemed fitting that on that evening the wind was making herself known to us. After all, what is playing with fire, water and stone without considering the wind? On a still night, we cannot forget that the wind is this invisible creature among us. Just like the ones we love who are departed, and the friends we are yet to meet.

The performance at the Remic Rapids is part of a two day event sponsored by Ottawa 150. It is being hosted by John Felice Ceprano, and will take place on August 6th at 7:30. Details for the event can be found here. In the meantime, check out the line up below! 

~Zoe Georgaras


remic rapids concert

AOE Arts Council–This program is made possible by support from the Ontario 150 Partnership Program and is in partnership with the Cultural Human Resources Council. To find out more about the program, click here!

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This group is composed of mentee Zoe Georgaras, who will be guided by writer, director and actor Eleanor Crowder, one of the collective members of Bear & Co. theatre company. Ce groupe est composé de notre mentorée Zoe Georgaras, une des membres collectifs de la compagnie de théâtre Bear & Co.

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