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Our Challenge Begins!


Photo Cred: Sarah MacDonell

We’ve all been busy with our own personal projects; though, after our first meeting, where we discussed the necessary administrative support behind arts initiatives, Jaime assigned us with our project!

To sustain itself, art needs to be supported by technical and administrative skills. To practice developing our own writing, presentation, and communication skills, we will be drafting a mock-proposal based on the Heritage Funding Grant Proposal. Jaime will guide us along the way, using her extensive industry insight to adjust and critique our work.

We’re pretty excited to keep you updated on our progress!

Here’s some highlights from this month:

Chelsie has been keeping an eye on upcoming grants like the OAC’s Artist in the Community and Workplace and Canadian Heritage’s Youth Take Charge, which are coming up in September. This month she has been selected to participate in a Youth Camp in Maryland, USA for five days to connect with other young people who have been impacted by Huntington’s Disease. In 2014, Chelsie started volunteering for the Huntington Disease Youth Organization (HDYO) which is an online forum and website. This will be her first camp and she will continue her volunteer efforts.

Sarah fully took over the social media for Tree Reading Series and is excited for the new season to begin in September. (We have some awesome readers lined up for the fall, so come out, poetry-lovers). She’s also been collaborating with the OAG Youth Council on an up-coming pop-up performance with local artist Josée Dubeau. The Youth Council and Josée have been workshopping ideas around resistance and deconstruction.


AOE Arts Council–This program is made possible by support from the Ontario 150 Partnership Program and is in partnership with the Cultural Human Resources Council. To find out more about the program, click here!

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This group is composed of mentees Chelsie Legree and Sarah MacDonell, who will be guided by Indigenous artist, educator and dancer Jaime Koebel, founder of Ottawa’s Indigenous Walks. Ce groupe est composé de nos mentorés Chelsie Legree et Sarah MacDonell, qui seront guidé par l’artiste autochtone, l’educatrice et la danceuse Jaime Koebel, fondatrice d’Indigenous Walks à Ottawa.

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