ART PLACE 2015-2016 Maria Gomez Umana & Alicia Borisonik – Music, storytelling, visual art

Alicia Borisonik


Maria Gomez Umana: I have nourished my passion for arts and culture wherever I live while juggling jobs, family life and artwork. Paths have taken me to live in Colombia, England, Switzerland and now Canada.  I have explored different techniques in visual arts and at this stage I am looking for ways to combine them, in search of a unique artistic language.

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Alicia Borisonik: Alicia Borisonik is from the Argentinean province Buenos Aires and is a teacher, singer, vocalist, arranger, composer and performer. She has performed extensively across Canada and in Argentina.

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Apt613 Podcast Series: Art Place engages community through social art practices



Participants: Youth
Language: English
Category: Music, storytelling, visual art
Project description:

Song Mural is a sequence of activities designed in 10 sessions for a group of 10 to 12 youth from 13 to 16 years old. The goal is to give participants a space in where they can feel safe to share and explore ideas without judging each other in order to 1) develop a sense of belonging, 2) nurture curiosity, 3) strengthen bonds between the group of participants, and 4) create and try out new forms of expression. We will propose a variety of games and creative activities that will allow them to know each other, and build a sense of teamwork and mutual trust.


MAY 3.2016 Giving youth a positive space for self-expression: concluding thoughts with Alicia Borisonik and Maria Gomez Umana

FEB 8.16 Project Update – Song Mural with Maria Gomez Umana & Alicia Borisonik

JAN 21.16 Interview with Alicia Borisonik

JAN 21.16 Interview with Maria Gomez Umana

DEC 21.15 Exploring rhythms and sketches for Song Mural

DEC 14.15 Imagining story based on the works of masters

DEC 7.15 Learning visual composition to create a story

NOV 18.15 Community Embraces Year Two of Art Place Artist-in-residence Program for its Positive Impact

NOV 16.15 Storytelling with words, motion and sounds

NOV 9.15 Assorted musical instruments and styles of music

NOV 2.15 Exploring elements of story making, composition and visual arts


The Alexander Community Centre offers a wide range of programs for children, youth and adults.

Maria Gomez Umana & Alicia Borisonik

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