ART PLACE 2015-2016 Marley Giunta – Music


Marley is a passionate musician and performing artist, as well as an award-winning songwriter. She continues to compose for guitar and voice, as well as explore other art forms that inspire her and enrich her musical world.

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CHUO 89.1 FM Art Place interview with Marley Giunta

apt613 – Podcast series: Art Place engages community through social art practices


Participants: Working with seniors
Language: English
Category: Music
Project description:

The project will invite seniors from Unitarian House of Ottawa to be recognized and celebrated for their musical talents by doing sessions and following them over a course of a few months. The goal of the project is to inspire and encourage participants to share their musical talents through recording and building a live performance.


APR 12.16 Never too late to learn new songs or skills: concluding thoughts with Marley Giunta

MAR 24.16 It gives me the feeling of LOVE

MAR 23.16 Project check-in with Marley Giunta

MAR 11.16 Unexpected gifts…

FEB 1.16 Entretien avec Marley Giunta

JAN 21.16 Interview with Marley Giunta

JAN 20.16 Thank you Andy

JAN 6.16 That day, everyone was singing…

DEC 23.15 A tribute to my musical roots

DEC 2.15 Humble beginnings

NOV 18.15 Community Embraces Year Two of Art Place Artist-in-residence Program for its Positive Impact


The mission of Unitarian House of Ottawa is to continue to provide a not-for-profit residence for seniors where, in a secure and caring environment, residents will have maximum independence, opportunities for personal fulfillment, companionship and participation in a dynamic, collaborative community of residents, staff and management.



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