ART PLACE 2015-2016 Marta Singh – Storytelling


Born and raised in Argentina, Marta is renowned for the skill of her crafting, her poetic use of language, unique expressiveness and passion of presence. Her one-woman shows lend language, body and voice to what comes forth when fairylore crosses paths with personal narrative. Expect beauty, depth and emotional impact.

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apt613 – Podcast series: Art Place engages community through social art practices


Participants: Working with immigrant women
Language: English
Category: Storytelling
Project description:

Through listening, telling and deeply responding to folktales embodying physical and emotional journeys, we will image, voice, and shape the narrative of the immigration journey.


MAY 24.16 Breaking New Ground with ‘story’: concluding thoughts with Marta Singh

MAY 6.16 And One For the Road: The Feeling Image of Success

APR 21.16 To the Extraordinary Heart of Literature

APR 18.16 Like Operas into Sofas

MAR 31.16 Project check in with Marta Singh

MAR 24.16 But What IS It That You DO?

MAR 21.16 What Kafka Said About a Good Book

MAR 8.16 Storyteller in Residence, Breathing

FEB 1.16 Entretien avec Marta Singh

JAN 21.16 Interview with Marta Singh

NOV 18.15 Community Embraces Year Two of Art Place Artist-in-residence Program for its Positive Impact


Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO) has been providing comprehensive settlement and integration services to the Ottawa community since 1978. OCISO’s award-winning programs include community integration, public education, mental health counselling, school based programs, and English language instruction to newcomers.

OCISO directly serves about 10,000 immigrants and refugees every year. We have three locations in Ottawa (central and south). Our multi-faceted programs and services are delivered in over 50 languages to clients from 120 countries by OCISO’s team of knowledgeable, skilled and professional staff. Our work is augmented by the generous efforts of our enthusiastic, caring and talented volunteers, both established and new Canadians.

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