Art Place 2016

3, 2, 1, Action!

On Wednesday, May 17, 2017 From The Roots Theatre Project, in partnership with Immigrant Women Services Ottawa (IWSO), had our inaugural performances of our full play: Newcomer Roller Coaster.  The … Read More / Suite

Art Place Final Thoughts with Brenda Dunn

This year, visual artist Brenda Dunn ran a series of creature sculpture workshops with the youth in Hintonburg through the Somerset West Community Health Centre and with the Adoption Council of … Read More / Suite

Art Place Final Thoughts with Kathy Armstrong

This year, visual artist Kathy Armstrong ran a DRUMSPEAK!, an African drumming workshop, with youth at the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre as part of the Art Place program. She shared … Read More / Suite

Art Place Final Thoughts with Marie Bilodeau

This year, visual artist Marie Bilodeau ran a series of storytelling workshops with the senior’s day program at the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre as part of the Art Place program. … Read More / Suite

Derniers mots: entrevue finale Place d’Art avec Sasha Dominique

Cette année, Sasha Dominique a fait des ateliers de théâtre avec les ainés au Centre d’accueil Champlain. Dans cette dernière entrevue elle nous parle de ce qu’elle a appris durant … Read More / Suite

A Reflection on Art Place – Blog Post #6

My project is over as I write this. It’s been an interesting, unpredictable ride. From having to throw out my entire plan to adapting to my participants’ needs, from attempting … Read More / Suite

That’s All I’m Going to Say About It – Blog #5

The most striking stories shared during my Art Place residency were always followed by the words: and that’s all I’m going to say about it. Wait, what stories, you may … Read More / Suite

Art Place Final Thoughts with Bozica Radjenovic

This year, visual artist Bozica Radjenovic ran a series of paper art workshops with the women at Club Casa de los Abuelos as part of the Art Place program. She shared her final thoughts on her time in-residence and her experience working with this group of Ottawa residents.

Almost Show time! – Blog Post #5

In Art Place 2016 , Naomi Tessler By Naomi Tessler / May 12, 2017

Our rehearsal this week was such a fulfilling session! All the actors arrived with excitement, child-like joy, and enthusiasm, sharing with each other all the places they brought flyers to and all the people in their circles who will be coming to support them and witness the show they’ve all worked so hard on.

Embracing Silence as Story – Blog Post #4

In storytelling, we’re taught that silences seem longer when on stage because our job as storytellers is to fill that silence. We’re there to entertain, educate, enlighten, or at least tell. Silences are seen as a space of non-telling. Because without words, there is no story.

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