Bozica Radjenovic

Art Place Final Thoughts with Bozica Radjenovic

This year, visual artist Bozica Radjenovic ran a series of paper art workshops with the women at Club Casa de los Abuelos as part of the Art Place program. She shared her final thoughts on her time in-residence and her experience working with this group of Ottawa residents.

Springtime in the Jardin d’hiver – Blog Post #6

In Art Place 2016 , Bozica Radjenovic By Bozica Radjenovic / February 27, 2017

I am looking at a box filed with colorful artworks by the Club Casa de los Abuelos group. I remember Cynthia, Isabel, Felisa, Grabriela, Bertha, Chela, Elsa and Ana Maria. I miss my group! I don’t like to say goodbye and I don’t think I have to.

2 Interviews with Club Casa de los Abuelos Participants – Blog Post #5

December 8th was the last class with Club Casa de los Abuelos. It was cold and slippery day and my class was smaller than usual, some people had doctors appointments … Read More / Suite


In Art Place 2016 , Bozica Radjenovic By Bozica Radjenovic / December 20, 2016

At Club Casa des los Abuelos I am working with a group of wonderful women. Most of their lives they take care of their family, children and grandchildren. They are givers and this poem is about their hands.

Planting the Seeds: Interview #2 with Bozica Radjenovic Feature

It is the end of November and Bozica Radjenovic has completed eight of her Art Place workshops with members of Club Casa de Los Abuelos, a day program for seniors from Latin America, at the Bronson Centre. She sat down with Art Place to answer a few questions about how the residency is going.

Reci/Words – Blog Post #3 Feature

They say that pictures are worth a thousand words. In my head images appear without words. I never believed in words. People write and speak, and the words are seductive, but there is a big difference between saying and seeing. I read many poorly written articles about good artworks and vice versa, good texts about bad artworks.

Exploring the Art of Collage – Blog Post #2 Feature

In Art Place 2016 , Bozica Radjenovic By Bozica Radjenovic / November 29, 2016

On October 20th Club Casa de Los Abuelos explored collage making. I prepared a short presentation about history of collage. I wanted my group to get inspired by Pablo Picasso, George Braque, Hanna Hoch, Henri Matisse and Wangechi Mutu’s art works.

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Everyone is my Teacher – Blog Post #1 Feature

In Art Place 2016 , Bozica Radjenovic By Bozica Radjenovic / November 15, 2016

My Art Place residency is collaboration with Club Casa des los Abuelos. Club Casa de los Abuelos has offered the opportunity to participants to feel connected to society. My goal is to offer them chance to explore their own interests, make discoveries, create art and socialize.

You can make anything from paper: Art Place Interview #1 with Bozica Radjenovic

Bozica Radjenovic is a visual artist and sculptor. She has worked in several mediums including wood, performance art, textiles and wool, but has recently been exploring the possibilities of paper. … Read More / Suite