Art Place 2016

Showcase! – Blog Post #5

Through AOE Arts Council, Art Place d’Art presented a showcase of several of the wonderful projects undertaken this year, at the Bronson Centre on April 2. Kudos to Nina Jane … Read More / Suite

Play Creation – Blog Post #4

The Art Place Showcase was a fantastic opportunity for the actors in the From the Roots Theatre Project ensemble to build their courage, confidence and work together to share the … Read More / Suite

Dress Rehearsal – Blog post #4

The kids at the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre and I have had a wonderful few months together in the DRUMSPEAK! program. Learning some traditional Ghanaian drumming and working on the … Read More / Suite

Présentation réussie! – poste blog #6

Jeudi, le 27 avril eut lieu mon dernier atelier avec les participants résidents du Centre d’accueil Champlain, après une dizaine de rencontres hebdomadaires en leur compagnie. Ce dernier atelier était … Read More / Suite

Objectif atteint: le texte de théâtre est écrit! – poste blog #5

Il est parfois facile d’avoir en tête, au début d’un projet, une vision claire de ce que nous voulons accomplir comme projet avec les participants qui nous serons assignés. Cependant, … Read More / Suite

Building a Strong Community Creates a Strong Show: Art Place Interview #2 with Naomi Tessler

Naomi Tessler of Branch Out Theatre has been working with women at Immigrant Women’s Services Ottawa (IWSO) to create a piece of forum theatre that addresses issues they face as … Read More / Suite

The Last Last Ones. Blog Post #6

In Art Place 2016 , Brenda Dunn By Brenda Dunn / May 4, 2017

Sunday April 2nd, I got to participate in the Art Place Showcase at the Bronson Center which points a well-deserved spotlight on the fantastic initiatives that have come out of … Read More / Suite

It all goes in the pot: Art Place Interview #2 with Kathy Armstrong

How have you found the workshops so far? It’s been really rewarding. It’s a lot of work and there is a lot of chaos. The space I am working in … Read More / Suite

Getting reckless with clay: Art Place Interview #2 with Brenda Dunn

In Art Place 2016 , Brenda Dunn By Art Place Editor / April 26, 2017

Since January 2017, Brenda Dunn has been creating clay creatures with different after school groups through Somerset West Community Health Centre (SWCHC) as well as with the Adoption Council of … Read More / Suite

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