Art Place 2016

Pas à pas, le chemin se trace – poste blog #1

Lors de la première rencontre avec les participants pour mon projet axé sur l’écriture théâtrale, il y en a certains qui ont accueilli ce projet à bras ouverts, avec enthousiasme, tandis que d’autres restaient silencieux ou alors, discrètement, prononçaient un faible “Je n’ai rien à dire”.

Springtime in the Jardin d’hiver – Blog Post #6

In Art Place 2016 , Bozica Radjenovic By Bozica Radjenovic / February 27, 2017

I am looking at a box filed with colorful artworks by the Club Casa de los Abuelos group. I remember Cynthia, Isabel, Felisa, Grabriela, Bertha, Chela, Elsa and Ana Maria. I miss my group! I don’t like to say goodbye and I don’t think I have to.

Speaking clay: how to clear a language barrier – Blog post #1

In Art Place 2016 , Brenda Dunn By Brenda Dunn / February 17, 2017

I don’t like the term “language barrier.” I don’t like it because I think it imagines a problem that doesn’t really exist. Communication barriers – now those are problems. The cool thing about kids and clay is that usually, language doesn’t have much to do with it.

The Meaning of Presence on Jasmine Crescent – Final Art Place Thoughts from Marc Walter

In Art Place 2016 , Marc Walter By Marc Walter / February 14, 2017

The project has been overall a success. The initiative clearly filled a need for the Jasmine Crescent community. As artist, I was exposed to a community outside of the regular ones I meet in my day to day life.

Art Needs Space to Breathe: Dementia and Storytelling, Art Place Interview #2 with Marie Bilodeau

In Art Place 2016 , Marie Bilodeau By Art Place Editor / February 9, 2017

Marie Bilodeau has been leading storytelling workshops with seniors who have dementia at the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre day program. Her Art Place project has changed a fair bit over the last few months so we sat down to find out what she has learned and where it is going.

Bridges Through Stories: Blog Post #1

In Art Place 2016 , Naomi Tessler By Naomi Tessler / February 3, 2017

I am thrilled to share that the From the Roots Theatre Project I’m leading has had a deeply meaningful beginning at Immigrant Women Services Ottawa (IWSO)!

Stories as Shared Experiences – Blog Post #3

In Art Place 2016 , Marie Bilodeau By Marie Bilodeau / January 18, 2017

Art, traditionally, requires some form of active participation. The brush must touch the canvas, the pen must ink the page, the words must tumble from the tongue…but, if guided art from week-to-week was proving not only difficult, but stressful on the learners, then it obviously wasn’t the way to go. It was time to adapt my own expectations and plan to fit my groups, since I was the one who could adapt more easily.

DRUMSPEAK: Sharing voices

In Art Place 2016 , Kathy Armstrong By Kathy Armstrong / January 18, 2017

Our last few sessions of drumming have involved the kids sharing their names on the drums, finding a way to articulate the rhythm of their name and then transferring it … Read More / Suite

Working with Dementia Patients: 5 Stories, 3 Lessons

In Art Place 2016 , Marie Bilodeau By Marie Bilodeau / January 17, 2017

Progress with my groups (see the first post) has been slow and full of interesting challenges. Uncertain how best to proceed following my first couple of workshops, I did the only thing any self-respecting individual with absolutely no clue how to proceed can do: I did some research (woo!)

2 Interviews with Club Casa de los Abuelos Participants – Blog Post #5

December 8th was the last class with Club Casa de los Abuelos. It was cold and slippery day and my class was smaller than usual, some people had doctors appointments … Read More / Suite

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