Art Place 2016

Jasmine Crescent Land Art Project – Blog Post #6

Day 12 – Monday Dec 12 Today was full of chatty Food Cupboard clients sharing their stories and thoughts but not willing to take their fingers out of their pockets. Fair … Read More / Suite

Jasmine Crescent Land Art Project – Blog Post #7 (and last one!)

Day 15 (Last Day) – Wednesday Dec 21 We had one of the busiest day of the project, not by the number of people, but in terms of how long … Read More / Suite

DRUMSPEAK: Off to a great start!

In Art Place 2016 , Kathy Armstrong By Kathy Armstrong / December 20, 2016

One of the great gifts of drumming together in a group is the building of community, through shared interaction in a common activity. In working with the kids in the DRUMSPEAK project, I have discovered that there are already very strong neighbourhood bonds between them.


In Art Place 2016 , Bozica Radjenovic By Bozica Radjenovic / December 20, 2016

At Club Casa des los Abuelos I am working with a group of wonderful women. Most of their lives they take care of their family, children and grandchildren. They are givers and this poem is about their hands.

Connecting 2 Generations of Women through Theatre for Social Change: Art Place Interview #1 with Naomi Tessler

In Art Place 2016 , Naomi Tessler By Art Place Editor / December 20, 2016

Naomi Tessler is a theatre artist and founder of the applied theatre company Branch Out Theatre. In her second residency with Art Place, Naomi is building off her 2014-2015 Art Place … Read More / Suite

Word on the Street: Land Art Sculpture on Jasmine Crescent – Interview #2 with Marc Walter

In Art Place 2016 , Marc Walter By Art Place Editor / December 16, 2016

Since November, Marc Walter has been working with residents of Jasmine Crescent to build land art sculptures in the neighbourhood. With the project almost complete, he answered a few question about how the work has been going so far.

Planting the Seeds: Interview #2 with Bozica Radjenovic Feature

It is the end of November and Bozica Radjenovic has completed eight of her Art Place workshops with members of Club Casa de Los Abuelos, a day program for seniors from Latin America, at the Bronson Centre. She sat down with Art Place to answer a few questions about how the residency is going.

Jasmine Crescent Land Art Project – Blog Post #5

In Art Place 2016 , Marc Walter , Marc Walter By Marc Walter / February 10, 2017

Day 10 – Monday  Dec. 5 – At the Jasmine food cupboard Spent the session mostly installing an extension and the Christmas lights onto the installation under the “supervision” of … Read More / Suite

How ephemeral are these land art creations really… ?

In Art Place 2016 , Marc Walter , Marc Walter By Marc Walter / December 8, 2016

As I create on Jasmine Crescent, I meet so many new people from so many cultures and social backgrounds. I hear stories about past and present struggles but I also … Read More / Suite

Reci/Words – Blog Post #3 Feature

They say that pictures are worth a thousand words. In my head images appear without words. I never believed in words. People write and speak, and the words are seductive, but there is a big difference between saying and seeing. I read many poorly written articles about good artworks and vice versa, good texts about bad artworks.

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