Art Place 2016

Guardians and Storytelling – An Origin Story: Art Place Interview #1 with Brenda Dunn

Brenda Dunn is visual artist and creator. This year for Art Place she will be in-residence with youth at the Adoption Council of Canada. She will lead them through empowering … Read More / Suite

You can make anything from paper: Art Place Interview #1 with Bozica Radjenovic

Bozica Radjenovic is a visual artist and sculptor. She has worked in several mediums including wood, performance art, textiles and wool, but has recently been exploring the possibilities of paper. … Read More / Suite

Creativity Breeds Creativity: Art Place Interview #1 with Marie Bilodeau

Marie Bilodeau is an oral storyteller and fantasy writer. This year for Art Place she will be in residence with a senior’s day program at the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre … Read More / Suite

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