Young Arts Leaders Collective

Fire & Water, by Zoe

Eleanor and I met up by the river for our first rehearsal at the Remic Rapids. Although it is my fourth summer performing at this site, every year the Winter … Read More / Suite

Jam Session Recap, by Cody

Since we all come from different musical backgrounds, we decided that our second hub meeting should be a jam session. So we did. It was great hearing everyone’s musical talents first … Read More / Suite

Meet Hub #5!

Hello Ottawa! We are hub #5 and we are a small group of budding artists, art administrators and educators, led by the indomitable Jaime Koebel: indigenous arts educator, curator, visual … Read More / Suite

Hub 1: An Afternoon Tea

Hub 1 has been busy! So busy that Cullen and Eleanor exchanged happy hellos for the first time at the Bollywood community dance event at The Spider ( Maman at … Read More / Suite

Des leaders du monde artistique et de jeunes professionnels des arts collaborent au sein de nouveaux groupes de mentorat contemporains

Ottawa, Ontario – Le Conseil des Arts AOE et son Collectif des jeunes leaders du monde artistique sont très heureux de rassembler cinq chefs de file du monde des arts … Read More / Suite

Arts leaders and young arts professionals collaborate in new contemporary mentorship hubs

Ottawa, Ontario – AOE Arts Council and its Young Arts Leaders Collective are excited to bring five of Ottawa’s arts leaders together with fifteen young artists and arts administrators to … Read More / Suite

Meet Hub #3!

Hello Ottawa! This is Hub Group 3 with the AOE Arts Council’s Young Arts Professional Hub (wow this is a mouthful) mentorship program! We had our first meeting on June … Read More / Suite

Things to Follow in Ottawa as an Artist

Written by Lenore Gale, member of the Young Arts Leaders Collective.   Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to get involved in your city as an artist. Below … Read More / Suite

Shipping Artworks

Written by Brenda Dunn, member of the Young Arts Leaders Collective Shipping is always a little nervy! Even the best possible packaging can go awry. But you can take some … Read More / Suite

The Art of the Workshop

Written by Brenda Dunn, Member of Young Arts Leaders Collective Workshops can be an amazing way to fund your artistic practice and if you enjoy the process, they can also … Read More / Suite

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