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Young Arts Leaders Committee (YALC)

July 8 , 2015
Call for Members

AOE Arts Council is looking for a group of emerging arts leaders to join the new Ottawa Young Arts Leaders Committee. After enthusiastic initial meetings, a group of passionate people have begun to brainstorm possible directions for the group, and how the committee will be structured. The goal of the committee is to strengthen Ottawa’s cultural scene by identifying, developing and implementing projects and initiatives to support and develop the careers of emerging artists and cultural workers.

We are looking for additional members, from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, to join us on a 7-month pilot committee.

Deadline: July 24, 2015
See details and apply here
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May 5 , 2015  5:30-7:30 Meeting
Brainstorming Notes

Q1. Why do you want to be involved? What do you hope to get out of the Committee?

  • More involved in the arts
  • More opportunities for people to show their work
  • Build opportunities for students/recent graduates
  • Engage with communities, learn what is happening in the city and promote it
  • See people come together, work together
  • Get the voice of youth out there
  • Help youth contribute to the arts scene
  • Collaborative opportunities can bring to Ottawa
  • Strengthen opportunities for people entering arts field, create new opportunities
  • Interested in local arts scene
  • Connect with opportunities and people
  • Pursue career as a professional artist
  • Make Ottawa more widely known
  • Discover and promote Ottawa arts community

Q2. To succeed in the arts in Ottawa, what do you need? What barriers do you face?

  • Language skills
    • Access to second language teaching opportunities (@low cost)
    • Bilingualism, French language skills
    • Art speak
  • Opportunities for paid work
  • Support
    • Mentors/mentorship
    • Encouragement (critical thought)
    • Ease of access to cultural information (i.e. how do we create awareness)
    • Cultural professionals: be open-minded about work opportunities, general support
    • Creators: be open minded about perspective
  • Bureaucracy (ex. hard to follow through ideas, limitations, complicated)
  • Networking/Connecting
    • Connect the YALC with established arts organizations and professionals (be an open organization)

Q3. What as a group can we do to address the needs we identified?


  • Provide information for organizations, how they can hire/get young artists involved
  • Help find ways to advocate for reduced costs for workshops


  • Create collaborations, reach out, community building
  • Networking with different ages/groups
  • Democratic work/creation spaces
  • Intangible infrastructure
  • Leads to jobs, new ideas and artistic production
  • Having a ‘HUB’ space for artists
  • List what people need (create a map)
  • Artist in residency co-op housing/studio space. Funding by gallery commission of arts sales or fundraiser


  • Have ambassadors that can target businesses to partner with
  • Create a mentorship program
  • Identify & approach people with the skills and knowledge needed
  • Skills/knowledge mentor map of Ottawa
  • Neighbourhood based mentorship/networking
  • Mentors from local institutions at networking events, breakout sessions/talks


  • Free networking events (wine and cheese, pub night, non-lame networking activities)
  • French Gallery walk, with volunteer francophone artists, practice French art talk, language conversation skills.


  • Art info videos
  • Centralized Ottawa director which catalogues/categorizes all art related sites and opportunities with links and contacts


  • Partner and spaces (City of Ottawa, local galleries, festival pop-up)
  • Ottawa pop-up gallery program. Liaise between real estate agents/landlords and artists to facilitate a massive pop up gallery movement
  • Art supplies buying depot/co-op. Like a buying club for cheap bulk art supplies/paint.


Q4. Looking at what we want to accomplish, what resources do we need?

  • Market research, what is out there and who wants this
  • Money, funds, sponsors
  • Human resources
    • people to do the work
    • people to mentor and connect
  • Support from local arts partners, arts service groups
  • Online space, web/social media
  • Enthusiasm and resolve
  • Physical space, for event, meetings
  • Time
  • Sponsor benefits, recognition
  • Marketing and communications partners
  • Map/web of who is in the city, how they can connect to this group
  • Gatineau support/inclusion
  • Connect with similar organizations in the city, across Canada, internationally
  • Support from many different disciplines
  • Create a registry – what people need, what people have to give/offer
  • Identify who has the time and skills to do the work
  • Subcommittees with specific skills
  • Incentives to keep people committed
  • Establish a board/steering committee
  • Research and learn from existing local models
  • Encourage non-art events to collaborate
  • Connect with and leverage other diciplines, sectors and industry
  • Harness economic drivers, 2017 programs
  • Find new sources of support and money
  • Need to differentiate what is new than what is out there

Concern: Compensation for committee members, payment for work, incentives, benefits, etc.

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