Rene Price – Part 2: Risks and Opportunities

In this week’s Mentor Media Monday, listen to the second part of interview with artist Rene Price, who takes us through the risks he’s taken as an artist, and how to … Read More / Suite

Guardians and Storytelling – An Origin Story: Art Place Interview #1 with Brenda Dunn

Brenda Dunn is visual artist and creator. This year for Art Place she will be in-residence with youth at the Adoption Council of Canada. She will lead them through empowering … Read More / Suite

Rene Price – Part 1: The Career of a Grand Amateur

Mentor Media Monday is back with part one of an audio interview with artist Rene Price, who takes us through how he became an artist, and how he gets his … Read More / Suite

Creativity Breeds Creativity: Art Place Interview #1 with Marie Bilodeau

Marie Bilodeau is an oral storyteller and fantasy writer. This year for Art Place she will be in residence with a senior’s day program at the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre … Read More / Suite

After Art-Place: What’s an artist to do?

In the winter of 2015 Christine Mockett and Karina Bergmans participated in the first year of AOE Arts Council’s artist-in-residence program Art Place. For six weeks, Christine and Karina taught … Read More / Suite

Mentor Mixer Monday: Becoming an ‘Artpreneur’ Panel Event

Come to our second Mentor Mixer Monday panel on August 15th! You can register for the panel HERE. Read more about our panelists: Jacqui Du Toit Jacqui Du Toit is … Read More / Suite

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